2020 Legislative and Budget Priorities

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Legislative Priorities

  •  AB 2884 (Berman) would expand the use of restricted lottery funds to include funding for students’ basic needs.
  • AB 897 (Medina) would increase the total load a part-time faculty member may work from 67 percent of a full-time load to 80 to 85 percent.
  • SB 777 (Rubio) would require, contingent upon funding, a district with less than 75% of its hours of credit instruction taught by full-time instructors to make, at a minimum, an annual 5% reduction in the district’s deficit, defined as the gap between 75% of the total district credit hours taught and the total of those taught by full-time faculty.

Budget Priorities

  • $76 million ongoing for faculty diversity and full-time faculty hiring.
  • $10 million ongoing for part-time office hours.
  • Remove the performance-based funding element of the Student Centered Funding Formula.
  • Reallocate Calbright funding to increase investment in the CVC/OEI and boost funding for existing colleges.

For more information, please review the Council of Faculty Organizations (CoFO) budget letter.