FACCC’s 2020 Legislative Priorities

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FACCC’s response to the Governor’s Budget Proposal:

  • Insist the California Online Community College has faculty represented by a collective bargaining unit, an academic senate, meet 75/25, and hire faculty from California.
  • Support increased funding for full- and part-time faculty support.
  • Assist students with financial aid for the total cost of attendance, including housing, textbooks, and food.

FACCC Co-Sponsored Legislation:

  • AB 897 (Medina) would increase the percentage of hours part-time faculty may teach from 67% to up to 85% of the hours per week a full-time employee having comparable duties.
  • SB 777 (Rubio) would require a community college district that has less than 75% of its hours of credit instruction taught by full-time instructors to make, at a minimum, an annual 10% reduction in the district’s deficit, defined as the gap between 75% of the total district credit hours taught and the total of those taught by full-time faculty.