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Current Issue: Summer 2016

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PRESS RELEASE: Faculty Association Responds to State of the State

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) President Dean Murakami issued the following statement regarding Gov. Jerry Brown’s comments on higher education during the 2015 State of the State address:

“FACCC applauds Gov. Jerry Brown for taking a stand against putting the financial burden of higher education on students. Yes, ‘California is blessed with a rich and diverse system,’ but it can only remain this way when students have an affordable, accessible, quality public higher education through the California Community Colleges, the California State University, and the University of California.”

FACCC looks forward to working with the Governor and the new Legislature in the coming years to strengthen public higher education.

Murakami is a professor of psychology at American River College, where he has been teaching for 24 years.