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PRESS RELEASE: FACCC Sponsored Bill Increasing Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Funding Passes Committee

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Tuesday, the Assembly Higher Education Committee voted 11-2 to pass legislation, sponsored by the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, in support of community college faculty and students.

Assembly Bill 626 by Assemblymember Evan Low increases the ratio of full- to part-time faculty and provides more resources for part-time faculty instruction in credit hour courses. In addition, AB 626 encourages the Community College Chancellor’s Office to collaborate with the State Academic Senate to establish full-time staffing goals for non-credit course offerings at local colleges.

“AB 626 refocuses the Legislature’s attention on the need to increase the percentage of community college courses taught by full-time faculty and support for par-time faculty in those areas which contribute to student success.” said FACCC Executive Director Jonathan Lightman. “Just as we ask our students to give a full-time effort, we must provide them with full-time faculty to help them succeed.”

The Education Code was amended in 1988 to reflect the Legislature’s recognition of the longstanding policy that “at least 75 percent of the hours of credit instruction in the California Community Colleges, as a system, should be taught by full-time instructors.” In 2013 and 2014, only 56.14 percent of credit courses were taught by full-time faculty. AB 626 modernizes these sections of the code and provides a new trigger for when community college districts are required to advance their ratio of full- to part-time instructors.

“While today we enjoy stabilized budgets and a strong fiscal outlook, the lack of full-time faculty on campus is an issue that has yet to be resolved. Whether it’s through mentorship or holding office hours after class, full-time instructors serve an important role in student growth, success and achievement. I am proud to work with FACCC on a bill that will move us forward to sustainability in faculty staffing.” remarked Assemblymember Evan Low, who is himself a former faculty member.

AB 626 will be heard in the Assembly Appropriations Committee in May.