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This special edition resource guide contains information for all faculty members, including articles on collective bargaining, tenure, part-time faculty, campus climate, pension security, privatization, open access, accreditation, and academic freedom.


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Current Issue: Summer 2016

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By Debbie Klein

Whether or not we have noticed, the faculty ranks are changing. The AB 1725 generation, accustomed to IBM Selectrics, phonograph records, and a young governor named Jerry Brown, have given wayto those raised on iPads, Twitter, and an older (and wiser) governor with the same name.

Just as the outgoing faculty needed to learn all the dimensions of their profession back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, the newbies are experiencing that process now. In recognition of this demographic shift, the FACCC Education Institute Policy Committee has produced (the beginnings of) a resource guide, highlighting some of the critical and baseline issues important to faculty. In roughly 800 words apiece, each topic presents a definition, brief history, statement of relevance, and discussion of contemporary concerns.

There’s clearly no way to develop a comprehensive guide in a single journal and we recognize that many important topics were left uncovered—role of academic senates, importance of shared governance, bilateral state/local structure to name but three. Nonetheless, within our eclectic and diverse committee, we settled on a group of subjects that we believe represents a start for what could be an annual or biennial tradition in FACCCTS.

As chair of the Policy Committee, I want to thank my outstanding colleagues for their contributions, Brad Byrom, Louise Mackenzie, Deirdre Frontczak, Wheeler North, Richard Mahon, Howard Stahl, Oranit Limmaneeprasert, Ikaweba Bunting, Duane Leonard, and Rich Hansen. This work reflects tremendous collaboration from which we hope our readers will benefit.

Debbie Klein teaches anthropology at Gavilan College and is a regional governor for FACCC.

Current FACCC members can request a print copy of the edition by emailing their full name and mailing address.