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As the statewide professional membership association for the California Community Colleges, FACCC receives its strength through the power of the faculty who join. FACCC has provided focused representation for community college faculty to promote funding, academic freedom, and retirement benefits for more than 60 years. Its efforts and accomplishments have persuaded over 9,000 community college faculty to join and increase their political voice in State Government.

With members at all 114 campuses across California, FACCC continues to strengthen the position of faculty in the State Capitol, the State Chancellor’s Office, and the State Teachers’ Retirement System.

FACCC’s professional staff and volunteer leaders are dedicated to representing the interests of ALL community college faculty across California by testifying at legislative hearings, meeting with elected officials, and organizing policy forums to promote the message of community college faculty.

Stand up with your colleagues and join FACCC today!

Faculty who sign up through payroll deduction can receive their first academic year of membership free.