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FACCC is your professional membership association for the faculty of California Community Colleges. For 63 years, FACCC has provided focused representation for community college faculty on the major issues of concern including academic freedom, funding, and retirement.

With members at all 112 campuses across California, FACCC continues to strengthen the position of faculty in the State Capitol, the State Chancellor’s Office, and the State Teachers’ Retirement System.

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“Knowing that FACCC is working for me in Sacramento, I know I can focus on being a better faculty member in the classroom”

– Troy Myers, Sacramento City College

"It is professional, well run, and respected in Sacramento across political affiliations. This all serves to make it a powerful partner in providing guidance for our elected officials. You need FACCC and FACCC needs you. You should join.”

- Berta Harris, San Diego City College

"It is both my personal and professional mission to protect California Community Colleges to the best of my ability; thus, I did not think twice about becoming a FACCC member.”