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Why Faculty Matter: The Role of Faculty in the Success of Community College Students  – FACCC EI


Californians & Higher Education – Public Policy Institute of California

Hidden in Plain Sight. Understanding Part-Time College Students in America – Center for American Progress

Measuring CalWORKs Performance – Legislative Analyst’s Office

Higher Education in California – Public Policy Institute of California

Assessing Food Insecurity on Campus – Urban Institute

Vision for Success – California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

2017-18 California State Budget – State of California

Meeting California’s Need for College Graduates –  Public Policy Institute of California

The 2017-18 Budget: Higher Education Analysis – Legislative Analyst’s Office

A History of California Budget Reserves – Legislative Analyst’s Office

California’s Future: Higher Education – Public Policy Institute of California

The $48 fix: Reclaiming California’s Master Plan for Higher Education – Reclaim California

A Historical Review of Proposition 98 – Legislative Analyst’s Office


Californians & Higher Education – Public Policy Institute of California

Preparing Students for Success in California’s Community Colleges – Public Policy Institute of California

Community Colleges: Multiple Missions, Diverse Student Bodies, and a Range of Policy Solutions – Urban Institute

Too Distressed to Learn? Mental Health Among Community College Students – Wisconsin Hope Lab


Task Force on Accreditation – California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office

Successful Online Courses in California’s Community Colleges – Public Policy Institute of California

Hungry to Learn: Addressing Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates – Wisconsin Hope Lab

How Higher Education Funding Shortchanges Community Colleges – The Century Foundation


A Great Recession, A Great Retreat: A Call For A Public College Quality Compact – Center for American Progress

How Increasing Income Inequality Is Dampening U.S. Economic Growth, And Possible Ways To Change The Tide – Standard & Poor’s

The Just-In-Time Professor: A Staff Report Summarizing eForum Responses on the Working Conditions of Contingent Faculty in Higher Education – House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democratic Staff

Summary of the Governor’s 2014-15 recently released budget – State of California

Superior court grants judicial reprieve to City College of San Francisco – San Francisco City Attorney

New look at poverty in California: 8.1 million in poverty, a quarter of them children – Public Policy Institute of California


REPORT: A New Plan for a New Economy: Reimagining Higher Education – Little Hoover Commission, October 2013

2012 Faculty Profile Report – Profiles Full- and Part-Time Faculty

MOOCs and Online Learning: Research Round-Up – Journalist’s Resource, Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

MOOC Completion Rates: The Data – Katy Jordon, Ph.D. Candidate, Institute of Educational Technology, Open University, UK

Community College Enrollment – Enrollment Data: Full-time vs. Part-time, Male vs. Female, and Ethnicity

The Adjunct Project: Data Collection on Part-Time Faculty Wages


Reforming the State’s Transfer Process: A Progress Report on Senate Bill 1440 – Legislative Analyst’s Office

Serving Students, Serving California: Updating the California Community Colleges to Meet Evolving Demands – Little Hoover Commission, February

Streamlining State Financial Aid: Report on Cal Grant Alternative Delivery Pilot – Legislative Analyst’s Office

Californians and Higher Education – Public Policy Institute of California


Focusing Accreditation on Quality Improvement – RP Group, 2011

Reforming Transfer and Articulation in California – Center for the Study of Community Colleges

Implementing Statewide Transfer & Articulation Reform – Center for the Study of the Community Colleges

The View from 2020: How Universities Came Back – AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom

New Survey Reveals Twice as Many California Community College Students are Closed Out of Courses than the National Average – Pearson Foundation

Degrees for What Jobs? Raising Expectations for Universities and Colleges in a Global Economy – The National Governors Association

Delinquency: The Untold Story of Student Loan Borrowing – Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy


Financing Basic Skills Education in California – California Budget Project

Tuition Fees and Student Financial Assistance: 2010 Global Year in Review

Building a Higher Skilled Workforce: Results and Implications from the Bridgeconnect National Survey – Workforce Strategy Center

Under-Represented Minority Graduate Students at the University of California, Riverside: Prospective Faculty?

Divided We Fail: Improving Completion and Racial Gaps in California’s Community Colleges – Institute for Higher Education Leadership & Policy

Using Distance Education to Increase College Access and Efficiency – Legislative Analyst’s Office

Pathways Out of Poverty – Policy Link

Education Pays 2010: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society – CollegeBoard Advocacy & Policy Center

A Stronger Nation Through Higher Education: How and Why Americans Must Achieve the Big Goal for College Attainment – Lumina Foundation for Education

Financial Aid Facts at California Community Colleges – The Institute for College Access & Success

Higher Education in California: New Goals for the Master Plan – Public Policy Institute of California

Squeeze Play 2010: Continued Public Anxiety on Cost, Harsher Judgments on How Colleges Are Run – Joint Project of The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education and Public Agenda

Open-Access Colleges Responsible for Greatest Gains in Graduation Rates – National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education


The Master Plan at 50: Assessing California’s Vision for Higher Education – Legislative Analyst’s Office, November 12

Californians and Higher Education Survey – Public Policy Institute of California

Educating California: Choices for the Future – Public Policy Institute of California

Working Too Hard to Make the Grade: How Fewer Work Hours and More Financial Aid Can Help California Community College Students Succeed – California Public Interest Research Group, October

Closing the Gap: Meeting California’s Gap for College Graduates – PPIC -May


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Facts, Not Fiction: Setting the Record Straight – National Commission on Asian American and Pacific Islander Research in Education

California’s Future Workforce: Will There Be Enough Graduates? – Public Policy Institute of California

Measuring Up 2008 – National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education – December

Legislative Analyst’s Office Supplemental Budget Report September

California Community College Faculty Profiles - July


LAO Forecast Predicts $8 Billion Shortfall in 2008-09

California Community Colleges System Office Analysis of Transfer Rates

PPIC Report on Higher Education – October

CalSTRS Policy Report: Health Care Coverage Worsens for Retired Educators Uncertain Coverage Spells an Uncertain Retirement

Public Policy Institute of California Report: Can California Import Enough College Graduates to Meet Workforce Needs?

Exposing the Textbook Industry: How Publishers’ Pricing Tactics Drive Up the Cost of College Textbooks (Student Public Interest Research Groups)

FACCC Responds to Rules of the Game: How State Policy Creates Barriers to Degree Completion and Impedes Student Success in the California Community Colleges

Rules of the Game: How State Policy Creates Barriers to Degree Completion and Impedes Student Success in the California Community Colleges

California Policy Options to Accelerate Latino Success in Higher Education 

How Latino Students Pay for College


LAO Recommendation for a Community College Fee Policy


Workgroup on 75/25 Issues | Report and Recommendations

Educational Resources and Outcomes in California by Race and Ethnicity – Public Policy Institute of California


College Board Annual Report: Trends in College Pricing 2004

Keeping America’s Promise – (A joint project of the Education Commission of the State and the League for Innovations in the Community College, August )

Ensuring Access with Quality to California’s Community Colleges – Prepared for The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation By The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education

Special Survey on the California State Budget – Public Policy Institute of California

From Jobs to Careers: How California Community College Credentials Pay Off for Welfare Participants – Clasp

The Compositon of Staff in California’s Community Colleges, 1994-2002 – California Research Bureau

Financing California’s Community Colleges – Public Policy Institute of California


California’s Newest Immigrants – Public Policy Institute of California


High-Growth Industries and Highly-Educated Workers in California – California Research Bureau

The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings – U.S. Census Bureau


Report on Part-Time Faculty Compensation in California Community Colleges – CPEC


State Funding for Community Colleges: A 50-State Survey – Center for Community College Policy Education Commission of the States

California Community Colleges, Poor Oversight by the Chancellor’s Office Allows Districts to Incorrectly Report Their Level of Spending on Instructor Salaries – California State Auditor

Part-Time Faculty Are Compensated Less Than Full-Time Faculty for Teaching Activities – California State Auditor

A Coordinated Approach to Raising the Socio-Economic Status of Latinos in California – California Research Bureau


Latinos and Economic Development in California – California Research Bureau