Daniel Judge 
East Los Angeles College

Daniel Judge is a dedicated educator and the current Region B Governor on the FACCC Board of Governors, where he also serves as a valued member of the Legislation & Budget Committee.

Holding a Master's Degree in Mathematics from California State University Los Angeles and an impressive 20+ years experience, he is currently instructing Mathematics at East Los Angeles College. 

One of his guiding principles in life is encapsulated in the quote, "He who controls the data, controls the narrative," which he finds particularly relevant in today's world.

Daniel's journey in higher education was sparked by a unique revelation. He stumbled into the world of teaching Mathematics during graduate school and found himself in disbelief that they paid people for such an incredible job. Since then, working with community college students has been an enriching experience. Daniel sees them as treasures, acknowledging that he learns just as much from them as they do from him.

Outside of the academic realm, Daniel has a passion for guitar and photography, and he aspires to master the art of blues guitar. If given the opportunity to travel through time, Daniel would choose to visit the era of World War II to meet his grandparents in their youth.

Beyond his career in community college education, Daniel envisions two alternative paths for himself: serving as an officer in the Marine Corps, his original professional pursuit, or indulging in his love for photography.

As a memorable experience, Daniel shares that the Hawaiian Islands hold a special place in his heart. The breathtaking location and the warmth of the people make it unforgettable.

For aspiring community college professors, Daniel's advice is clear:

Focus on the students, as they are the most rewarding aspect of the job.

Through his years in higher education, Daniel learned the vital lesson of maintaining a steadfast focus on students within the classroom, as outside distractions can lead to unnecessary challenges. And, as a father to his daughters, he considers it his proudest accomplishment, a testament to his dedication to family.