Legislative Priorities

  • Sponsoring
    • AB 1326 (Arambula) would require county human services agencies to designate a staff liaison as a point of contact for community college counselors. 
  • Co-Sponsoring
    • AB 375 (Medina) would increase the percentage of hours part-time faculty may teach to up to 85% of the hours per week as a full-time employee with comparable duties.
    • AB 1269 (Garcia) would require the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to conduct a study to collect and report part-time faculty parity data from each community college district, report the data, and identify specific policy and fiscal recommendations that would enable the California Community Colleges to achieve a compensation schedule that achieves pay equity for part-time faculty by January 1, 2027.
    • AB 1432 (Low) would make the California Online Community College Act inoperative at the end of the 2022–23 academic year thereby eliminating Calbright.
    • AB 1505 (Rodriguez) would rebench the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) to current full-time faculty levels. This bill is cosponsored by the California Federation of Teachers, California Community College Independents, and FACCC.