Legislative Priorities

  • Sponsoring
    • AB 2315 (Arambula) would require community colleges to implement a process by which students, staff, and faculty can declare a chosen or affirmed name and gender identification to be used in their records where legal names are not required by law.
    • SR 45 (Min) would recognize that academic freedom, as determined by the American Association of University Professors, entitles teachers to freedom in the classroom discussing their subject. Under such a policy, within their subject discipline, a faculty member can articulate or even advocate positions or concepts that may be controversial in nature without fear of retribution or reprisal.
  • Co-Sponsoring
    • AB 1505 (Rodriguez) would rebench the Faculty Obligation Number (FON) to current full-time faculty levels. This bill is co-sponsored by the California Federation of Teachers, California Community College Independents, and FACCC. 
    • AB 1752 (Santiago) would create pay parity by requiring districts to adopt terms of compensation for part-time faculty of at least the same ratio to the full-time faculty for comparable duties.
    • AB 1856 (Medina) increases the maximum amount of instructional hours that a part-time California Community College faculty member may teach at any one community college district.
    • AB 2820 (Medina) would eliminate Calbright College and reinvest the remaining funds in community college programs.