Amplifying Voices
A FACCC Podcast 

Episode 16 | Advocating for Equity

In this episode of Amplifying Voices, John Govsky, an Associate faculty member at Cabrillo College, shares his personal journey and insights grappling with the disparities faced by contingent faculty. As a dedicated advocate, he tirelessly campaigns for the rights of part-time faculty.

John's fervor lies in advocating for implementing a one-tier system, or Unified Faculty Model, debatably inspired by the Vancouver Model in British Columbia. This proposed system stands in contrast to the existing structure within the California Community Colleges, which privileges full-time faculty while relegating contingent faculty to a subordinate status without avenues for advancement. The essence of the Unified Faculty Model is to bridge this gap among faculty members.

Highlighting the prevalence of contingent faculty within the community college system, John emphasizes that today’s arrangement diverges significantly from the intended vision of the "architects" of the higher education system from the 1950s-1960s. His own entry into teaching revealed the hierarchical nature of the employment system, prompting him to deepen his involvement within his union and emerge as a leading advocate for a Unified Faculty Model.

Executive Director Position Search

The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) and the FACCC Education Institute (FACCC EI) are collectively looking for an experienced, energetic, and accessible leader to serve as the executive director. The executive director will serve as lead staff for both entities and direct staff efforts to fulfill the mission and vision of the respective organizations.

PPL Inc., a California Community College based consulting firm, has been selected to assist with the recruitment for the FACCC/FACCC EI Executive Director.


FACCCTS Spring 2024 Edition
Transformative Education: Navigating Disruptions and Advocating Quality 


The Spring 2024 edition of FACCCTS has been released. Within its pages, you'll uncover topics including, but not limited to, chatbots in academia, the use of zero-textbook-cost pathways to enhance education accessibility and affordability, a detailed examination of the 50% Law, an introduction to our new Interim Executive Director Emily Haraldson, and invaluable insights from former FACCC Executive Director Evan Hawkins.

You can find the complete digital version and highlighted articles here.