FACCC Election

April 1 - April 30 

FACCC Bylaws | FACCC EI Bylaws

In an effort to ensure the most accurate and fair election procedures, all eligible FACCC members will receive their ballot by email or will be receiving voter information through the USPS mail. Once you've received your voter information, please visit https://eballot.app/faccc and enter the username and password provided to you. For voter support, please contact [email protected] or 1-866-984-3125.

The following seats are open for the 2024 FACCC elections:

  • President – four or six-year commitment
  • Vice President – two-year term
  • Governor-at-Large – two-year term (three open seats)
  • Regional Governor – two-year term (Regions B, C, D)
  • Governor for Part-Time – two-year term (Northern Region)
  • Governor for Retired Faculty – two-year term
  • Regional F Governor - This is a vacant board position accepting nominations for a one-year term through to the 2025 elections.

For comprehensive guidelines on the 2024 FACCC Elections, consult the Elections Manual