Faculty Association of California Community Colleges                                                                    

Executive Director                                                              
Sacramento, California, United States
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The Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC) and the FACCC Education Institute (FACCC EI) are collectively looking for an executive director to serve as lead staff for both entities and direct staff efforts to fulfill the mission and vision of the respective organizations. FACCC is a statewide nonprofit 501(c)(6) professional membership association whose primary mission is advocacy for California’s 40,000 Community College Faculty, and FACCC EI, is a statewide nonprofit 501(c)(3) policy institute whose priorities are research, communications, and professional development. With roots dating back to 1953, FACCC has occupied a pivotal position as an organization that advocates for the faculty profession in its entirety as it manifests in the California Community Colleges. As a professional membership association, FACCC works collaboratively with both the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges and the faculty collective bargaining agents.                          

The successful candidate will have experience and skill sets in association management, fundraising and revenue generation, membership and leadership development, written and oral communication, and advocacy. 

The executive director shall staff the FACCC Board of Governors, FACCC EI Board of Directors, and various committees as determined. They shall have primary administrative control over the operations of both entities, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, bylaws, administration, legal compliance, property management, risk management, budget, finance, database management, and human resources. While the executive director is contracted to run the day-to-day management of the organization, the respective governing boards take a consultative approach to organizational management and are seeking a candidate that prioritizes transparency and a philosophy of integrative governance where both staff and volunteer leaders collectively develop strategies and options.

Overall, the executive director must be able to inspire and motivate the faculty, policymakers, and the public to align with FACCC’s agenda in supporting the ideals of the California Community Colleges as institutions of quality, accessible, and affordable public higher education, as well as the critical role that faculty play in student success.

Duties for Executive Director of FACCC

  • Develop and implement strategies for generating membership and non-membership revenue, sponsorships, and collaborative ventures while meeting revenue targets as set by the board of governors.
  • Foster relationships with internal and external community college policy leaders, build connections in the state capitol and state chancellor’s office, and develop strategies to address the different perspectives of stakeholder groups.
  • Develop engagement strategies to connect with the diverse interests and perspectives of FACCC's membership, including part-time and full-time faculty, career technical educators, counselors, librarians, and union and academic senate leadership.
  • Provide guidance on FACCC’s lobbying, grassroots advocacy, policy development, coalition building, political action, issue advocacy, and communications strategy.
  • Assist the FACCC President as a spokesperson in identifying and facilitating opportunities for FACCC to engage with press and media organizations.
  • Oversee contractual advocacy services for partner community college organizations.
  • Develop and manage membership recruitment, retention, and engagement strategies to increase faculty participation.
  • Understand principles of database management and ensure membership data is accurately tracked and leveraged to support recruitment, engagement, and retention strategies.
  • Foster a collaborative and empowering work culture by providing supportive supervision, including coaching, mentoring, and performance management, to help team members advance FACCC's mission.
  • Leverage technology and human resources to streamline and improve the effectiveness of FACCC’s activities and day-to-day operations.
  • Oversee compliance with FACCC’s Political Action Committee (FACCC PAC), guide decisions, and provide strategic recommendations.

Duties for Executive Director of the FACCC Education Institute

  • Develop and implement strategies for generating non-dues revenue, donations, grants, and sponsorships to meet revenue goals set by the board of governors.
  • Serve as executive editor of all communications and demonstrate outstanding skills as a writer, editor, and proofreader.
  • Manage organizational research and assist in developing research topics.
  • Oversee professional development offerings to align with organizational missions.
  • Develop, manage, and execute contracts with faculty unions, community college districts, and other relevant organizations.
  • Cultivate a collaborative work environment that empowers staff by providing coaching, mentoring, and development opportunities while managing performance and guiding team members to excel.

Administrative Duties

The executive director shall work within the parameters of state and federal laws on all levels, including governance, human resources, and budgeting. They shall understand the principles of nonprofit association budgeting, fundraising, and management of reserves and work together with both outside counsel and CPAs to ensure the legal and financial health of the organization. The executive director shall serve as the facilities manager and maintain the premises of the FACCC/FACCC EI building and technology therein for continual operations.

Personal Qualities

Honesty, transparency, and collaboration are necessary qualities, and an unyielding commitment to fostering diversity. The ideal candidate will possess strong cultural awareness and sensitivity, with the ability to work effectively with diverse groups and populations. Cultural competence and the ability to embrace diversity are critical requirements for this role.

The successful candidate must be able to travel and work within the parameters of an approved budget. Since the job is typically more than 40 hours per week, nights and weekends are part of the landscape.

Most important is the ability to exercise executive-level judgment and accept limitations and ambiguity, all while maintaining a sense of humor, patience, and forgiveness. Our search committee will also prioritize candidates who can demonstrate a desire for longevity in the position, as continuity is the key to success.                                                           


The top two criteria for the position are proficiency in revenue generation and knowledge of association management, particularly in an individual membership association. Minimum 5-7 years of leadership experience required with a graduate degree and/or association management certificate preferred. Knowledge of the legislative and/or political arena and California Community Colleges or public higher education is also desired.                                                                                                                                           


Salary negotiable. 


Applicants must be eligible for employment in the United States. A background check consisting of employment history, professional references, criminal check, and educational verification will be conducted.

Application Timeline and Process

The position is open until filled, however, review of completed applications will begin on or around June 3, 2024, with the anticipation of conducting first level interviews later in month. Initial interviews will be conducted via Zoom. Finalists will be invited for in-person interviews in Sacramento.

To apply, please email an application to [email protected]. The application should include a resume and cover letter that address the information found below:     

Personal Information                                                                    
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address             

Education Profile

  • Degree Obtained
  • School                                               
  • Field of Study/Degree
  • Year


  • Relevant experience you believe makes you an ideal candidate for this position.                         

Additional Information to Include:

  • Do you have at least 5 years of professional association leadership experience?
  • Do you possess an association management certificate?                     
  • Do you have experience in the legislative or political arena?                                     
  • Do you have experience in higher education?                           
  • Do you have experience in or with the California Community College system?                            
  • Do you have experience writing for and editing submissions to organization journals and newsletters?

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