Nomination Deadline: Friday, March 8, 2024 

Are you a dedicated FACCC Member with a passion for making a difference? Seize the opportunity to run for the FACCC Board of Governors and play a pivotal role in steering the future of our organization. 

As a candidate, you can submit your statements along with a professional "headshot" photo to bolster your campaign. You can find the nomination form here, please submit it via email to [email protected] no later than Friday, March 8. Kindly ensure you fully download the form to add your e-Signature. 

For comprehensive guidelines on the 2024 FACCC Elections, consult the Elections Manual. The election period spans from April 1 to April 30.

The following seats are open for the 2024 FACCC elections:

  • President – four or six-year commitment
  • Vice President – two-year term
  • Governor-at-Large – two-year term (three open seats)
  • Regional Governor – two-year term (Regions B, C, D)
  • Governor for Part-Time – two-year term (Northern Region)
  • Governor for Retired Faculty – two-year term

Click here for a list of colleges in each FACCC region.

In an effort to ensure the most accurate and fair election procedures, all eligible FACCC members will receive their ballot by email or will be receiving voter information through the USPS mail. For voter support, please contact [email protected] or 1-866-984-3125.